4 Tips to improve team collaboration effortlessly with CRM

October 3, 2019
By Julia Florensia
Importance of collaboration at workplace

The secret to a successful business lies within the ability of the team members to collaborate. Team collaboration is a fundamental factor that contributes to a business’ success. You see, successful companies always put their team members in collaboration. The reason is pretty simple, it improves employee productivity.

Collaboration is not only a great way to improve customer service and satisfaction, but it is also a great way for your team members to brush up their skill sets. Through working with other individuals, they are able to see things from a bigger picture, pick up new skills from their colleagues and use them to build upon their own strengths. This is often what constitutes to higher employee morale as they are able to develop and grow with the organization.

You will also gain more effective solutions when your team members come together to brainstorm ideas to a problem. Every individuals comes with different experiences and thoughts, and when you combine these resources together, you will gain exposure to the different perspective of resolutions that you can use to address your problems.

How do I improve my team collaboration?
  • Be open and transparent

In order for team members to collaborate effectively, the organization must be open and transparent. Transparency is important to ensure that the necessary resources are easily accessible across organization. Working together requires mutual trust and respect, and they are shaped upon the willingness to share relevant expertise and information to achieve the common objectives. When the teams are unwilling to share information with one another, collaboration will never be able to take place.

  • Communication is key

The header says it all. Communication is the key to a successful project. There will always be conflicting opinions that arises in every collaboration. They are not uncommon and it is actually a good thing to have as differing opinions would allow your team to deliberate and come up with even better ideas. Being able to give each other feedbacks and honest thoughts on their performance is also a good way to improve collaboration at workplace.

  • Have a common goal

Setting the right standard from the start is crucial to ensure a successful collaboration. It is important to ensure that everyone in your team is on the same page, working together towards a common goal. Without a shared understanding of what is expected to be achieved, it is almost impossible for your team to work together. By laying out the objectives and expectations will allow your team members to have a better understanding and be more invested to achieve the end result.

  • Use collaborative tools

To further improve your team collaboration, you have to provide them with the right tools. Having a collaborative environment and platform will allow your users to work together more effectively and increase their productivity. Having a collaborative platform where they are able to share information and communicate seamlessly is essential for the project to run smoothly. There are many cloud online platforms that you can use to enhance your team collaboration nowadays. One of the most commonly used platform is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software where your team can easily access your customers’ information and work together to close the deal faster.


Having the right collaboration platform can aid your business success and help your team to perform better. Equip your teams with JustCloud CRM, a collaborative customer service and engagement platform where they can easily access, share and update information!

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