A deeper look into JustCloud

August 18, 2019

As we all know, customer relationship management is an important aspect in every business which explains the increasing demand for CRM software in the recent years.

JustCloud’s products aim to help ease your organisation’s load in managing and nurturing relationships with your existing and potential customers. Then you may want to ask, what makes JustCloud different from other CRM software in the market? The main function is indeed much alike which is to manage and ensure a good relationship with your customers. However, what makes us different is that our system also allows you to manage other aspects of your business other than just sales, such as logistics, call centre and many more.

The different approaches that we offer to nurture your customer relationship is what makes us stand out from the rest. Integration is minimally required as everything is available in one CRM system. Furthermore, our system interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate which is also another reason why people love us. So much.

User interface is our another major selling point. A clean, simple and easy to use system is what we offer. We help you to focus on the data and information while ensuring that you can easily navigate around. Of course, not forgetting all the tools that you need to create a happy and loyal customer base.

A sneak peek of our features

1. Dashboard

This is not something new for CRM software. Our interactive dashboard allows you to gain a bird eye view of your entire workflow in one single page. It is considered as a mandatory page in any CRM system as it visualizes your entire business operation and allows you to gain critical insights, fast. You can also easily rectify any issues that arises quickly, saving your business from any potential losses.

2. Centralized Database

What’s a CRM system if it does not store your customer information? Needless to say, JustCloud CRM allows you to store all your customer information in a centralized database which is accessible by anyone, from anywhere. One benefit of JustCloud CRM is every single interaction or changes made are captured and updated within the system. This would allow different users to view the same piece of information at any time to prevent discrepancies that might disrupt the process.

3. Workflow Management

Managing different sets of customer at the same time can be pretty challenging, especially when you have a large number of them on hand. At the same time, keeping track of your salespersons’ progress one by one and ensuring they are making progress can be cumbersome. However, JustCloud CRM eliminates this problem for you and allows you to keep track of their progress easily within a few clicks. With greater visibility into their workflow, you can also quickly follow up on any incomplete tasks and identify any issues that arise in the process.

Curious of what’s next?

Test out the system yourself! Simply sign up for our free trial here.

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