Get to know your customers with CRM software

October 17, 2019
By Julia Florensia

When you find yourself stuck in a routine of repeating the same set of activities every day, you might have actually developed a habit. In general, every one of us has a habit of doing something, be it a good habit or a not so good habit.

But little do you know that these habits have the power to influence your behaviour and even decisions? The brain is a powerful thing. When you perform certain set of activities regularly, your brain captures it so the next time you were to do it again, it takes very little brain effort to do so. The same applies in making decisions.

For instance, when you can’t decide what to have for lunch, your brain spontaneously reminds you of the meal that you always get. Slowly, it becomes a regularity for you to repeat the same thing, or in this case, get the same meal over and over again without having to work your brain too hard.

Remember when we say the brain is a powerful thing? Well it truly is. Imagine that your brand becomes something that your customers’ brain remembers. Wouldn’t it be great that they will always think of you when they need something? I think the answer is pretty obvious. But how can you achieve that superior position in their mind?

The answer is simple. Customer Experience.

Today, it is no longer about the price or product offering that make customers patronize your business. It is the customer experience that you are able to provide and how you are able to meet their demand. According to a study, 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. The logic behind it is simple, there are many product and service providers that offer the same thing, but what truly distinguish them is the buying experience itself.

Competition is stiff in today’s market landscape and thus, in order for you to get ahead of the race and stand out from the rest, you need to go the extra mile and deliver great customer experience to keep your customers close at all times.

But how do you deliver great customer experience?

It may seem like a lot of work to do, but in actual fact it is all about getting to know your customers and putting them first.

Luckily for you, in today’s technologically advanced world there are many solutions that you can utilize to help you build this customer experience that many industry experts have been emphasising about in the recent years. An exceptional customer experience will get you loyal customers in return, and the best technology that you can leverage is none other than a CRM software, as its name says ‘Customer Relationship Management’.

How CRM improves customer experience

We have heard a lot about CRM software, how they can help to close more deals and escalate sales figures. But do you know that it can also help you enhance your customer experience? Let’s take a look at how CRM software can help you to understand customers better to improve satisfaction level and eventually, achieve customer retention.

1. Staying connected with customers

No relationships can be formed without constant communication and once it is established, it takes even more effort to sustain it. You want to make sure that you are always at your best while dealing with customers because every touch point affects their decision to whether or not stay with you in the long run.

How do you maintain the sparks with customers? Get to know them well. A CRM software can lend you a hand on this as it stores complete information of your customers, giving you a bird-eye view of your customers and their interaction with your business.

Staying in touch here does not refer to calling up your customers and bug on them all day long. It is however, about how you keep them engaged and updated on your company’s news or activities that constantly reminds them of you. The message you put out there can also be tailored to fit your customers – using the information you have in the CRM software.

2. Be human and get personal

Like what we have mentioned earlier, what differentiates you from competitors is how far you are willing to go for your customers to gain their hearts in return. One easy way that a CRM can help you to achieve it is by adding a personal touch to your customer service.

Now that you have all the information of your customers, why not put them into good use? Use these information you have to personalize your approach and communication with customers. It can be as simple as addressing them by their name when you pick up the phone or even sending out a customized note on special occasions to delight your customers. Personalization makes a whole lot of difference to a simple interaction you have with customers.

3. Deliver what customers really want

The only way for you to keep customers coming back to you is by simply offering them what they really want. CRM software helps you to anticipate customers need so you can better prepare yourself to meet customer demands and needs.  A happy customers is worth so much more and you’d want to make sure that they are happy with their buy and services you provided.

4. Be attentive and responsive

No one ever like long waits for an answer, especially your customers. As of this point, you should have known that a good customer relationship is crucial in business as it affects customer loyalty and retention. A study revealed that selling to your existing customers may generate 47% more sales compared to new customers. However, the problem is many failed to see the importance of this responsiveness and this is also why 80% customers typically do not return again.

As one of the most important asset in your business, you need to put your customers as a top priority. Especially in today’s fast paced world, customers expect instant response to their problems or queries. When you can’t keep up, you risk losing them. Research has also found that 62% of companies in general do not respond promptly to customer requests, which is why it is crucial for you to act differently and get ahead of the game – without neglecting the service quality.

With CRM software that has customer service tools built in, you can speed up response to customer requests. It also enables you to maintain a happy and loyal customer base by keeping track of all the incoming requests to make sure none of it are left out because the last thing you want is dissatisfied customers as a result of oversight.

5. Constantly improve

There is always room for improvement and you will never know how well you performed until you measure it. Monitoring performance is a key metric to your business success. CRM software has just the right tools for you to do so. Easily gain overview of your business in a glance and generate reports to help you see where you are and understand how you can better serve your customers to keep them closely by your side.


Knowing your customers is the most effective way for you to create a sustainable relationship with them and generate more repeat sales. Through understanding your customers, you will know how to better run your business with the right strategy. Such as how to group customers of similar preferences to target your marketing message and campaigns, or to determine the type of products to offer to them and so on.

CRM software records every detail of your customers which enables you to gain a 360-degree view of your customer. Which is why many businesses started to implement CRM solution to help them in engaging customers and build longer lasting customer relationships.

JustCloud CRM is a good option for you to start with as it covers a wide range of business features that you can leverage from sales to customer support and even supply chain management.

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