The 5 key benefits of CRM for work-life balance

October 25, 2019
By Julia Florensia

Have you ever feel that you’re always behind the time with so many tasks waiting to be done and you’re constantly trying hard to catch up with it? No matter what, you always seems to be lacking behind and there will never be enough hours in a day for you to complete what you want to do. For most of us, we are constantly stuck in between wanting to succeed professionally and having a dynamic personal life. While for most business owners, everything seems to be overlapping each other and this, is not a good habit to keep – as it takes a toll on your mental health and your business.

Understanding the importance of work-life integration is crucial for both business owners and employees for the business’ long-term well-being. Having a harmonious work-life balance can help to improve not only your mental health but also your overall career health. As study has also revealed that people who are generally happier can be more productive at work.  Thus, companies should strive to provide a working environment that supports work-life balance instead of pushing people to work longer hours – or to put it simply, is to do more with less.

Many firms expect their workers to be at the beck of their call, always on stand by for emails, text messages or even calls outside of their working hours. This is often the thing that causes workers to feel stress and burnout. On a prolonged basis, it may even lead to high turnover rate. Encouraging people to utilize time in a smarter way is the way to go to maximize your workforce while still keeping them happy. With that in mind, below are some of the ways a good CRM can help:

  • Let technology do the work

With the advancement in technology nowadays, it is not surprising that more and more businesses are utilizing technology to help them accomplish more tasks. Technology should make your life easier and there are many readily available software in the market that can help your business such as project or task management software, customer relationship management software, call centre software, marketing automation software, so on and so forth. With these productivity software in place, you can set workflow automation that significantly reduces the number of decisions and tasks that has to be done manually and easily save time while boosting overall productivity.

  • Do more by doing less

A study by Stanford University has also revealed that productivity level drops after 50 hours work week, which means working longer hours does not necessarily mean you’re more productive. Instead, you should be working more efficiently by prioritizing the work that needs to be done so you or your team don’t burn yourselves out. The best practice is to automate and plan ahead, one way to do it is by utilizing a CRM system. It can serve as a platform for you to manage your day to day tasks and even assigning cases, leads or opportunities to different teams with clear delegation of responsibilities.

When used by different users, the CRM dashboard also serves multiple purposes. It removes all other distractions and allows your team to focus upon the tasks that are being assigned to them. Hence, your team can work more effectively with lesser interruptions. The top management can also spend lesser time micromanaging with every single metrics tracked using the CRM.

  • Accelerate project completion

When your business deal with a large amount of customer data, it can be tedious to retrieve information, let alone do the analysis. Having a software technology in your business can be really helpful in terms of time saved to find and compile information. With CRM, all the customer information you ever need is right inside of it and with that, you can generate analysis in charts or graphs for reporting. It also provides the ease of information sharing with your teammates so you can work together and speed up the project completion.

To do things fast and correctly is a challenge. However at JustCloud, we strive to provide users with an intuitive platform that can help them to do exactly what seems to be a challenge.

  • Better sleep quality

Numerous researches has found that there is a high association between work stress and sleep quality. A lot of people have trouble sleeping at night knowing that their work is not completed or done properly. Having enough sleep at night is vital in order for you to make correct business decisions and perform your best at work.

  • More time for your loved ones

Lastly, a CRM system saves you the additional time to spend with your loved ones. Many of us are busy hustling at work that we often neglect our family and friends when in fact, spending time with our loved ones can actually help to reduce stress level. With the reduction of stress level, you can also be more productive and happier at work.

With all that being said, many of us are still unaware of the advantages that a robust CRM software can provide. It helps you to work more efficiently by taking out the unnecessary interruptions that hinders your productivity level so you can focus more on work and complete it in time, allowing you to maintain a healthy balance of work and personal life.

Find out more about CRM software with JustCloud and start living your life to the fullest by achieving harmony between your work and personal life!

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