What is JustCloud CRM?

August 15, 2019

At JustCloud, we believe that everyone can attain success especially with great team collaborations and seamless communication. In view of that, we wanted to have a platform for everyone to easily share information and work together towards a common goal. Thus, we created JustCloud CRM which will act as your friendly assistant with a shared vision to help you achieve greater success.

JustCloud in a nutshell…

JustCloud is a SaaS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is used by organisations of all sizes to manage their operations and achieve business efficiency. As the name suggest, JustCloud is hosted on cloud which makes it accessible from anywhere and is perfect for remote team collaborations.

We are more than just a CRM software and we can do so much more than just managing your relationship with customers. We automate redundant tasks and enables you to work more efficiently. Our system is highly configurable and fits into every aspect of business. From sales to logistics, JustCloud CRM has everything you need to grow your business. Our goal is aligned with yours, which is to grow your business further and let it flourish.

There are legitimate reasons why we are loved by many. JustCloud CRM is simple and easy to use. Designed to be flexible so you can always customise your desired solution to fit your unique business needs. Whatever it is, we are determined to help you achieve them.

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