Workplace transparency: Why is it important for your business?

September 23, 2019
By Julia Florensia

A high level of productivity is one of the objectives that many businesses want to achieve but struggled to do so. There are many ways to improve the productivity level of your employees, however studies have revealed that the simplest yet most impactful way is by implementing transparency.

In the recent years, you may realize that many companies are encouraging workplace transparency to boost productivity. Transparency is not only important externally, but internally as well. The transparency here refers to the open communication between individuals within the organisation regardless of the hierarchical status, clear communication of company goals, and sharing of information to break down silos.

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How does transparency boost your business productivity?

1. Clear idea of responsibilities

Communicating your organisation’s goals and objectives internally is important in order for your employees to have a better understanding of what is being expected. With that in mind, they will know what to do and how their actions may contribute to the organisation’s success. It will also keep everyone on the same page and prevent anyone from going off-track.

Frequent communication with your employees will keep them in the know, allowing them to feel more involved and thus, more invested in their work.

2. Information availability

Workplace transparency also includes the openness to share information across the organisation. We all know the negative impact of corporate silos on organisations which is the result of the resistance to share information by individuals of different departments. This is a common mistake that lowers the productivity level and should be eliminated. With better information sharing, tasks can be completed faster without delays.

3. Better collaboration

Corresponding to the point above, information sharing also leads to collaboration. A transparent workplace enables people to work together more effectively. Task and projects can also be done faster when everyone is open to sharing ideas and honest with their opinions.

4. Positive working relationship

A transparent workplace also encourage 2-way communication. Your employees’ opinions and views are equally important to yours and it may even facilitate better decision making. Sometimes it is better to have differing opinions and look at things from a different perspective. Take for example, the feedback they might have on a new product launch or any other important matters which you can use to make improvements. When you invite them to participate in these process, they become more devoted to your organisation, keeping the employee turnover rate to a minimum.

5. Problem solving

Trying to solve business problems on your own can be rather difficult and it may take longer time than when you have a team of people to help you. We are not saying that you are incapable of doing so, however having more inputs may result in better problem solving.

When you are open to your employees about the problems that your company is facing, they can offer help to brainstorm solutions to it. Having extra resources is always a good idea, as the saying goes, ‘two heads are better than one.’

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