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Retain loyal customers with consistent experience and timely support.
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For your business, your service agents, and your customers.

Deliver quality customer service with JustDesk CRM

Know the ropes

Provide your service agents with clear customer context that enables them to connect with customers on a whole new level. Allow them to get the full picture, understand the rationale and person behind the ticket and compose their response accordingly with clarity.

Deliver quality customer service with JustDesk CRM
Case and ticketing management software
Gain valuable operation insights with JustDesk

Be in the driver’s seat

Assess team performance, identify trends, view agents’ activity and make more informed decisions. JustDesk easily loads weights off your shoulders by pulling out all the key metrics you need to see right in front of you. With all these insights, you can then take proactive actions to increase customer happiness and elevate call centre productivity.

Perfect your customer service in a swift

Don’t settle for an average good customer service,
go the
extra mile and exceed your customers’ expectation.

JustDesk workflow automation
Smart ticket assignment with JustDesk
Efficient SLA management system
JustDesk workflow automation

Customise your own

Create and design a system that fits your business process perfectly. With automated and clear-defined workflows, speed up processes while reducing room for errors with lesser manual effort.

Smart ticket assignment with JustDesk

Do things on sight

Easily allocate cases to agents based on their availability and capability with smarter ticket assignment. Ensure all requests are well-handled by monitoring progress and interactions to maintain high customer satisfaction.

Efficient SLA management system

Get up to speed

Let service agents handle tickets more efficiently with SLA rules in place and improve your processing time to retain happy customers by delivering what you promised - a timely customer support.

Better customer experience with CTI and information sharing

Know who’s calling

Enhance your customer experience by integrating your own telephony solution into JustDesk. With computer-telephony integration (CTI), gain access to customer information and interaction history instantly, allowing you to know your customers even before you pick up the call.

Keep the convo rolling

Allow different teams to collaborate in providing support with greater data accessibility and information sharing. Service agents can gain access to all conversation records, notes, files, or any documents related to customers for seamless communication.

Say goodbye to bad customer service

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