Sell better with stronger relationship

Sell better with stronger relationship

Enhance sales productivity with tasks automation and close more deals effectively.
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Sales Productivity CRM software

Strike the deal

JustSales assists you in attaining more sales with better communication and understanding of what your customers want.

Sales Team Collaboration Tools

Replace discrepancy with accuracy

Enable your team to collaborate and deliver unwavering services that result in customer satisfaction every time. Allow information sharing and update in real-time so everyone sees the latest and most accurate information to better connect with customers.

Form relationships that matter

Nurture relationships with customers and engage them consistently. Easily get information your need to better support communication with customers in JustSales and replicate more happy customers to build loyalty - revealing a more sustainable business.

Mobile CRM solution

Work beyond your office space

Empower your sales team to connect with customers and sell more outside their work desk. Whether you’re out on site or travelling for work, you will never miss any important updates with the mobile access to JustSales.

Close deals faster


shortened sales

“The sales team are now more motivated in selling ever since we implemented the system. It helps to automate daily tasks so they are able to focus on converting more prospects, our revenue has reflected significant growth as well.”

Marcus Wee, Sales Director

Break down silos, celebrate more wins

JustSales is a collaborative workspace where teams come together to deliver exceptional customer experience through a more effective communication and sales process.

Sales pipeline CRM dashboard

Gain unclouded view to sales pipeline

Be in the know of everything that’s going on with an extensive overview of your customer journey through the intuitive sales dashboard. Gain direct access to your sales activities and figures in the palm of your hands and easily maximise your business performance.

Leads and opportunities management software

Your complete customer handbook

Create more meaningful deals with access to all your account and contact data in JustSales; from basic contact information, activities, communication or engagement history to any related documents, and more. Use these insights to evaluate and improve customer interaction and ultimately deliver a seamless customer experience.

Know who truly matters

Never rush to advance sales with flat-footed prospects. Keep track of all your leads and opportunities sarges from ‘Unqualified’ to ‘Won’, including any information related to the deal, so you can identify the most valuable leads to follow-up with and close more deals.

Sales quotation management

Secure deals fast

Issue quotations and keep sales moving with shorter turnaround time. Configure your own quotation template for consistency and monitor the different statuses to take necessary actions. JustSales also enables you to respond quickly to customer orders by allowing easy input of data to the relevant fields.

Sales reporting and analytics

Get ahead with insights

Get an overview of your sales performance with our comprehensive reporting tools. See how sales are doing, observe sales agent capabilities or spot any issues to resolve quickly. You can even discover the root causes for Won/Lost opportunities by evaluating the sales pipelines to identify areas for improvement.

Workflow automation CRM

More automation, less complications

Simplify your sales workflow with our event-based actions which allows you to define your own rules that trigger actions to automate complex business processes. Simply free up your salespeople from the mundane everyday tasks and allow them to focus their time in doing more value-adding activities.

“65% of sales quota met in a year!”

“We integrated JustSales with the support tools and it has given us a more holistic view of our customers. It’s a total game changer for us and definitely worth the investment.”

Anna Lee, Sales Manager

Take your sales to the next level

Sell more with happier customers

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