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JustCloud is a leading customer service & engagement platform that helps teams of all industries and sizes build longer lasting customer relationships - including yours

Our Story

We started out in 2014 building software. Today, we have helped hundreds of customers across regions to stay at the forefront of competition.

As a company that values people-to-people relationships, we embrace diversity and strive to build a supportive work environment for all. To realise it, we encourage communication and collaboration through our platform. As a user ourselves, we know how painful it is to work with bloatware. That’s why we designed JustCloud to be different and focus on what’s truly important - because you deserve a tool that lets you work smarter and happier, not the other way around.

A solution that focuses on

y ou


We are inspired by the act of achieving a common goal, where we share your vision to success and put your best interest at the heart of our business. We are committed to solve business problems and create a sustainable future for companies all around the world - including yours - by focusing on building deeper and stronger customer relationships.

At JustCloud, we do things wholeheartedly. That’s why when you choose us, you get more than just a CRM software. You also get out commitment to constantly enhance and improve your experience with us. Because you matter to us, and we are devoted to always provide the best we can.

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Step into a modern work ecosystem

We equip you with powerful operational tools from sales, customer service to inventory management that you can easily connect with other software you can use to let you work more efficiently. Our mission is to bring happiness into the workplace and improve the way you work. Long gone are those days where you have to juggle spreadsheets and look through scattered file documents. With JustCloud, everything you need is just one click away. It’s that simple.

JustCloud CRM software lets you connect better with customers

Connecting you with customers

We invest heavily in people and relationships, and we believe you should too. Relationship building can be complicated at times, but we make it simply for you. We are changing the way you work, we are changing the way you connect with people. We bring you closer to customers by helping you create meaningful and personal experiences that’s just right. Because your success is ours too.

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Growing hand in hand

Our platform is for everyone, regardless of the business nature. Designed to be fast and agile, we allow organisations like yours to move fast and move forward in today’s ever changing landscape. Our aim is to being more smiles to the business world - including you and your customers.


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