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JustCloud CRM Software Pricing
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SGD 35 /mo

USD 25

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most popular sales CRM system JustSales icon

SGD 40 /mo

USD 30

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SGD 45 /mo

USD 35

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highly recommended CRM solution for businesses JustCloud CRM Suite

SGD 55 /mo

USD 40

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Ensure better sales closure
Account and contact management
Leads and opportunity management
Duplication record check
Sales pipeline tracking
Email integration and syncing
Deliver constant assistance to customers
Case management
Center management
Keep track of orders and purchases
Purchase order
Goods received note
Work order
Delivery order
Ensure better sales closure
Files upload
Task assignment
Mobile accessibility
Get insights in real time
Comprehensive reports and analytics
Customizable and intuitive dashboards
Process automation & customization
Workflows and approvals
Custom roles and permissions
Activity and audit log
Two-factor authentication user login

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sales CRM system customer service CRM solution

SGD 45 /mo

USD 35

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JustSales CRM Inventory management system

SGD 50 /mo

USD 39

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customer support CRM solution JustLogistics - inventory management software

SGD 50 /mo

USD 39

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*All combo plans come with the base feature

Can I access the free trial?

Definitely! Sign up here for our 14-day free trial. No credit card required.
You will immediately gain access to our JustCloud CRM Suite as a trial.

What happens after the free trial ends? Will I be charged immediately?

Of course not. You won’t be charged a single cent until you decide to subscribe to our Services. Your data will also remain intact so feel free to purchase a plan after your trial ends and we will pop over the information for you.

What are the base features?

The base features is available in all JustCloud products. They are dashboard, account and contact management, calendar, user access control, activity logs as well as reporting and analytics.

Are there any data storage limits?

No, you can enter as many data as you want or upload as many files as you need. There are no limitations to the file size that you upload into the system as well.

Can I integrate JustCloud products with other applications?

Yes. Feel free to contact us for integration with your favourite apps and systems via our APIs.

Is there any upfront cost?

Don't worry, we don't ask for your billing information up front. We want to ensure you like our system before subscribing, so we won't charge you until you decide you want to subscribe to our Services. You have the full control to purchase or not at all at any point of the free trial or even after it ends.

How does the payment work?

Our pricing is based on a monthly subscription basis. You can choose to subscribe monthly or annually with us. We will send you an invoice billing at the beginning of every subscription term.

Can I switch my plans?

Yes, you can. JustCloud offers you the freedom to scale up or down at any time. You can add on any product of your choice or upgrade your plan when you need it. Cancellation and downgrades are also available, however do note that refunds will not be given. Contact us for more details.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

You have the freedom to terminate your subscription at any time. However, you are required to provide us with at least 1 month prior notice if you wish to opt-out or terminate your subscription with us. Any late notice will result in payment incurred and no refunds will be offered.

Is JustCloud eligible for any grants?

Yes. For local start-ups, you can apply for EDG (Enterprise Development Grant) to receive up to 70% funding from the Singapore government for your software purchases.

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